Africa Rise! Healthier and Stronger project is a call to strengthen the infrastructure for healthcare services for the underserved rural communities of Africa and those women, children, and communities “who have been left behind.”

These gaps in care and services have been exacerbated by the Coronavirus pandemic which has drastically threatened the health, economic and social fabric of the continent.

Mobile Clinics

Provide fully equipped mobile clinics in rural communities in Africa


Access to medicine and medical supplies for mobile & rural health clinics.

Community health

Improve Community Health Services and district clinics.


Digital technology to enhance diagnostic testing and tele-medicine.

Here are some stark statistics from Africa:

• Only 1 doctor for 10,000 people
• Only forty (40) nurses and midwives per 10,000 population
• On average, approximately 10 hospital beds per 1,000 people in Africa

Africans must stop begging the outside world to intervene and “rescue” the continent. We must do it for ourselves. Your donations can help fund mobile clinics in rural areas, upgrade healthcare infrastructure and help train more doctors and nurses. Together we can make “Africa Rise! Healthier and Stronger”.



Funds raised by the “Africa Rise! Healthier and Stronger” project, and our Big Event, will go towards the purchase of fully equipped Mobile Clinics placed in underserved rural communities throughout Africa, and to upgrade equipment and increase staff at District Health Centers.

These efforts will serve rural communities to:

• Reduce the excessive (and at times perilous) time to travel for healthcare
• Provide expanded and essential health care services to low-resource communities
• Facilitate regularly scheduled health check-ups for men, women, young adults and children
• Facilitate the use of telemedicine to link affiliate hospitals with urban doctors
• Provide medical equipment in remote areas to enhance diagnostic testing and treatment
• Increase involvement of community leaders, health providers and traditional healers


The COALITION FOR AFRICA HEALTHCARE (CAH), consists of Earth Rights Institute, Inc., Give Them A Hand Foundation, Black Star News, the International Association of Applied Psychology, and The United African Congress which has been working together to improve the lives of Africans and Africans in the diaspora.

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Donation small or large can go a long way in bringing healthcare service to those in need.

Suggested donations: $5, $10, $50, $100

The coronavirus pandemic has widened the already existing gaps in healthcare in most African countries and has threatened the entire economic and social fabric of the continent. The need is urgent, join us!

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